MADE Project | The challenge of MADE pilot under COVID-19 in Slovakia
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The challenge of MADE pilot under COVID-19 in Slovakia

The challenge of MADE pilot under COVID-19 in Slovakia

The pilot training took place in Slovakia, Online Zoom, in November 2020 – February 2021. For a long time, the Coronavirus measure did not allow us to gather people through physical activity, including museum scenarios shown through various online and virtual exhibitions through the website.

The total number of students was 15 divided into small groups consisted of 6-7 participants for a total number of 110 hours of teaching. One trainer, chosen based on his teaching experiences on the museum area with young people, was involved, and each group was taught using a non-formal teaching methodology. The training took place in Slovakian Sign Language (SPJ) with materials in the Slovak language.

The students were chosen because of their interest in this training, their sign language skills and their position as education for future employment in the new profession.

Actually, the MADE project was designed without the COVID-19 pandemic. It came unexpectedly during the project but this challenge represented the opportunity to get additional experience and skills with technology: through online training, we have used different digital tools in order to make MADE materials understandable to students, allowing the vision of some videos, virtual museums, quick feedback, and carrying out virtual museum tours. It was an opportunity for the students to improve their digital skills.

As far as the practical activity in the museum scenario is concerned, Deafstudio planned a physical place in the Regional Museum in Prešov; unfortunately, the Coronavirus’ measure did not allow them to implement it. Regional Museum in Prešov is not available for virtual museum tours, so we decided to leave it to the learning according to different presentation methods, photos and videos available free on the internet.

The tightening measures during COVID-19 have not yet carried out our cooperation with the museums on the training ground in the museum stage, which can give learners an authentic experience of being a guide in the museum. Deafstudio would consider continuing after the pandemic to reintroduce the training in the museum scenario. Although online training is not so bad, it is also helpful for those who live far away, so even the strongly recommended and physical activity in the museum brings them more experience.